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        Always prepare for
        next 10 years

        Provide products and services for
        the most cutting-edge life science

        Focus on sales service of scientific research instruments and life science research reagents

        Who we are

        Shanghai Difa Instrument Co., Ltd. is a technology company focusing on providing complete life science research products and services.

        Based on the traditional market, we will also collect the latest technology breakthrough products and services worldwide for our customers. Provide powerful and personalized solutions for customers' research.

        WHAT WE DO
        Our technical engineers regularly collect the cutting-edge needs of various life science fields and integrate and store these information
        Cooperate with developers, feed back the collected information, and make every effort to develop products and services to meet such needs
        Business communication with researchers, using customized personalized solutions to meet cutting-edge needs in the field of life sciences
        our services
        General Instrument
        Provide centrifuge, incubator, shaker, refrigerator and other common laboratory basic instrument requirements.
        Personalized Instrument
        Provide automatic workstation, next-generation sequencing, car-t therapy, organoid culture and related instrument requirements.
        Reagent Consumables
        Reagent consumables services, cell culture, protein labeling, etc.
        Laboratory Services
        Data such as sequencing and protein quantification are provided.
        Maintenance service
        Providing parts replacement and equipment renovation for common general instruments
        contact us
        Provide products and services for the most cutting-edge life science

        Service hotline:86-021-58351080

        Contacts:Sun Jinliang

        Mobile phone:13482441307



        Address:Room 2209-2210, Guangqi City office building, 425 Yishan Road, Xuhui District, Shanghai

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